The solution to the colour puzzle

Remote profiling

1-2 profiles  - £75.00 each

3-5 profiles - £60.00 each

6-10 profiles - £45.00 each


On-site calibration and profiling service

Half day - £250.00

Full day - £400.00


One-on-one colour management training

Half day - £250.00

Full day - £400.00


Travel expenses:

By Car: £0.40 per mile

Travel by train: Cost of ticket

Are you or your business struggling with the problems of achieving accurate colour reproduction?


Colour management and ICC profiling are the vital means for ensuring accurate transmission of colour between your digital devices.


• Is your camera capturing colour correctly?


• Is your monitor displaying colour and density correctly, does it represent your work accurately?


• In a multiple workstation environment do the monitors match each other?


• Do your printers reproduce accurately the colour of the original image?


• Do your printers match your monitor?


The solution is not as complicated as you may think...


Colour management consists of hardware and software to create ICC profiles that are designed to give you control of your colour from the capture of images and origination of artwork, right through to proofing and printing. Most of the professional software we use already contains the elements needed to work with ICC profiles.


We are not going to bore you with vast in-depth explanations of the science of colour management, what we bring to you is straight forward, practical advice and profiling services to aid you and your business.


With some basic training in colour management and how it can be implemented into your environment, we can help you achieve a productive workflow with reduced wastage and less time spent preparing and printing files.


At No Limits we tailor all of our services and training to your specific needs.


With any colour management it is highly recommended that we perform an initial consultation. This will enable us to fully assess your requirements and what equipment will require profiling. In many cases this consultation may be conducted by phone.


Our services include:


Remote profiling

Bespoke on-site calibration and colour profiling service

One-on-one colour management training

Equipment sales and training


A typical day on-site will include:


Monitor calibration and profiling

Camera profiling and how to use it

Calibrating and profiling of printers

Setting up and explaining Photoshop’s colour settings and ICC handling policies

Explanation and demonstration of rendering intents and their effect

Explaining and demonstrating soft-proofing



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